Mobile Om at Your Service

Have you heard of the cool mobile meditation busses popping up?  In New York it started with Be Time Practice and Calm City NYC;  and just recently here in the Bay Area, you can bring the PauseNow bus to your organization and let your people get some very quality OM on during the workday.

The phrase “great minds think alike” is not just a cliche – as I learned in Elizabeth Gilbert’s great book Big Magic, “simultaneous discovery” its a scientifically noted occurrence.  My dear friend and Meditation inspiration Laura M. has been wanting to have one of these wonderful spaces – and it made me realize, I’m already doing a version of that very cool principal.

I’ve been a traveling yoga service for about 10 years now.  It started shortly after I got my yoga certification (200RYT level) and people began to ask me after my public classes if I did private ones.  So – I did.  I began teaching at folks houses, in parks, and at people’s workplace.  And Laura has been sharing her training from “The Joy of Living” in the same way.

So seeing these lovely buses gaining public awareness that made me want to formalize it – and when the phrase MobileOm came into my mind, this site was born.  (With a little help from the lovely Karen at Mediaholix!)

So as we begin to “formally” serve groups in the South Bay area, I’ll keep those adventures – and others – updated here for your reading pleasure.

And – if I may cite one more inspiration – those new Nike Ads are amazing.  Is this MobileOm dream crazy enough for this former farm girl turned high tech nerd?

You tell me…

Get busy living or get busy dying. — Red Ellis, Shawshank Redemption