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2020 24 Hours Ago – What I Decided to Work on this Year

Alright friends, I dare you to read the title of this blog post out loud and then be able to get that song out of your head!   Kidding aside, in truth it was 24 hours ago a whole lot of ideas around 2020 started to crystallize. I humbly share below… and if you find any of them useful you can follow the links to get more information.

Work/Life technique

The first thing that has been really inspiring and useful that I am going to put into practice is the principle of “The ONE thing”  from a book by Gary Keller it lays out a really simple way to be more effective about the things that matter to you. While I truly recommend reading the whole book, Mr. Keller has very graciously made available a free worksheet that will allow you to both get the core principles and apply them to yourself.  He makes things SO simple. My quick summary: Your brainstorm things that make you happy doing – you brainstorm ideal outcomes and you use his time-bound “domino” process that builds an efficient, graceful journey.

It is with this tool that I will hopefully start on my journey towards becoming a yoga therapist. Although in the meantime I will continue my corporate wellness (and digital marketing careers, since I do have two kids in college!)


Another outstanding (and simple) resource is my beloved 10% happier. I have tried all the mediation apps, and given the voice of founder/skeptic/journalist Dan Harris, leading teachers, and excellent app design, it is the next best thing to having a personal yoga teacher (and in many ways, it is more convenient). 

My meditation habit came about because of physical injuries that made me couchbound for 6 weeks, and the timely support of three friends and their personal teachers/processes, so again I’m grateful.  And among other benefits of the practice; I’ve finally been able to leave behind antidepressants which I truly needed 14 years ago but do *not* now.  


I am truly enthralled by the Peloton app. My dear friend has the bicycle that has been so roundly mocked by those offended by the commercial. But the app that goes with the bike is a revelation. In addition to the classes that you can do while on that same side bike, there are classes that can help you start your running practice your yoga practice meditation, and more… 

In addition to tracking within the app, there is a feature that lets you save and share your progress into Strava, which had been my already in place accountability tool to keep active.


I was intellectually inspired and convinced by the premise put forward in the How Not to Die book and accompanying cookbook. Reading the book was a bit of a challenge because it goes through the science of the 12 things that are killing us. Between cancer,  Alzheimer’s heart disease diabetes and more, it can be very depressing!

But each chapter on how to die has ending part which gives you very straightforward nutrition-based ways to avoid or recover from those same conditions. And, given that the recipes plant-based of course they lay out in the cookbook are fairly simple and surprisingly tasty, I will be going on that. So as my friend Mike and Stacy say if the meat is worth eating I am not going to say no. The other thing that dr. Geiger has available which I am enamored with is his daily dozen app. Dr. Geiger doesn’t say that you shouldn’t eat certain foods per se, but he believes that if you can achieve your daily dozen, you probably won’t be that hungry for meat or sweets.

To keep me accountable, I have to recommend his ‘daily dozen’ app where you very easily track the things that will keep you from dying!

Aging Gracefully

Last but not least I recently read and amazingly well-researched and laid out a book called  Lifespan by David Sinclair.    (And yes, he does look a lot like a young, cheerful Christian Slater 😉

Check out his brief talk here if you’d like the background, but long story short, he and his team at the Harvard medical labs have found a few compounds which in their tests show that you can restore the energy strength and sharpness of your younger self.

These particular compounds are not in any way inexpensive, but as part of a reset, I figured why not?

 In Conclusion

Now the above might seem like a lot to do but my overall philosophy is to find the few things, keep it simple get it into a habit using your scheduling and or friend Social Network Tools and give it a try. 

Check back in 3 months and I’ll give you an update on how it’s going, and drop me a note in the comments below if you’d like to let me know how you’re doing.

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An Interview with a Yogini; Sandy Thorpe! (Podcast)

I love listening to podcasts, and surprisingly, it’s just as fun to make them!*

I was inspired to start podcasting so that I could share my story about how and why I became a yoga teacher – and this made me want to reach out to those who inspired me on my journey.

The lovely Sandy Thorpe, pictured above, welcomed me into her lovely Santa Cruz home to share her story, and then we went for a deservedly renowned Pleasure Point Market burrito.    I highly recommend them both.

You can hear it for yourself by clicking here.  Enjoy!

*(In case you want to know how to do it, read my “how-to” on LinkedIn 🙂



Amma the hugging saint

A Tale of 3 Gurus

So one of the most persistent questions that people ask on my favorite podcast 10% happier (please check it out if you haven’t… it is superb!) is “Do I need a teacher?”  Today’s podcast featuring the amazing Helen Tworkov had her recounting this question as she was beginning her journey.

So, full disclosure, I don’t yet have one but have some ideas on getting some.  (More on that in the conclusion.)  But I have friends who encouraged me to start meditating, and I think each of their guru’s are worthy of a shoutout – and may be instructive for those who are medi-curious.

The Joy of Living’s Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche.

An amazing teacher and accessible via YouTube.

I begin with him because he is the teacher of my dear friend Laura, co-founder of MobileOm, who got me on my journey to meditation with a simple gift.  In addition to his existing, must-read books called the Joy of Living series, Mingyur has just released a new book In Love with the World (which is co-authored by Helen T mentioned above, and gave me the impetus to pen this post!)  Here is his Amazon Bio “an eminent meditation master among the new generation of Tibetan Buddhist teachers trained outside of Tibet. Mingyur Rinpoche teaches throughout the world, with centers on five continents.”  

As this gent is world famous, Laura’s training with him came locally via video.  Our beloved local yoga studio Breathe Together Yoga holds a class there where they use his format as provided here.  (Note:  I will also be using this format as we kick off the CEC – Cambrian Edition.)  He is inspiring but funny and very approachable as he shares very openly about his challenges.

I cannot wait to read his new book, and will certainly be writing a review for this blog.

The Marvellous Ms. Fletcher  

Ziva’s founder Emily Fletcher asks all the questions you would.

In the “right place, right time” vein, shortly after finishing the Just Sit book, I happened to have coffee with a friend who I knew to be a meditator.  I mentioned to Melissa that I needed a teacher and she heartily recommended Emily Fletcher’s Ziva Meditation.  You can read my earlier review here, but to sum up / use the metadescription from her website “Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva, the creator of The Ziva Technique and regarded as the leading expert in meditation for high performance.”  Or put differently, a very engaging meditation teacher who has taken the teachings of Karma Nidra Yoga, and made them accessible to people schooled in today’s fast pace of life.

I took her online class and found the 14-day session very useful to establish my meditation habit, but she also has a recently published book Stress Less: Accomplish More which sums up her approach and is very readable.

Amma, The Hugging Saint

This amazing woman has hugged 33 Million people.

My favorite manager from my corporate days, the amazing Alison,  is also a meditator.  So when she heard I was beginning to pursue my path, she connected me to her guru, who has a remarkable story and following.  Oprah’s team writes about her in this way ” Amma’s Mission to Transform Humanity Through the Power of a Hug – A cheerful, tireless Indian guru named Amma is on a mission to comfort all of humanity.”

Alison has been taking classes from her team at a bay area ashram and has also taken her child with her as Amma travels America to share her gift.  I have also gone to take an initial teacher training at the ashram and find it wonderful; will be taking more trainings this summer and will certainly share what I learn.

But who will be my teacher?

I have learned so very much from my friends’ teachers.  But as Dan Harris (in sense my teacher via his wonderful 10% happier podcast/app) has mentioned, there can be great value in studying with someone IRL.  He was able to meet many great teachers in person and currently calls the venerable Joseph Goldstein his teacher.  And I think for me, I do need someone that I can connect with in person.

So, I’m exploring those options and will report back. And I believe in the veracity of the old saying “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

CEC Jeff Warren Mobile OM

Kicking off The Cambrian CEC

So via my beloved 10% Happier app/podcast I became acquainted with Meditation Leader Jeff Warren (BTW, he is also co-author of the fabulous Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics – the follow-on/companion piece to the initial/fab/big best-seller 10% Happier book.  (Note to self… write those darn book reviews!)

Although, this reviewer pretty summed it up. Although I need to add that this book is side-splittingly funny; beware drinking beverages while reading!

You can learn all about Jeff at his website, but for the sake of this post, I wanted to announce that we will be using his guide to start our own CEC (Consciousness Explorers Club).  This guide is called an “activation kit” and it walks you through how to start your own club.

Why?  Two reasons.

First, in the 6 months, I’ve been meditating (thank you again, Laura, Alison, and Melissa… and of course Dan!)  I feel like myself again.  So, in order to keep my practice going, and deepening,  I have decided that MobileOm should start a club.

Secondly, community is the key to the good life.   (Any parents out there remember that key phrase from the end of that classic movie “Over the Hedge”?)  Or, if you’re a 10% Happier fan like me, you’ll know this fact is well described in this amazing podcast “Fighting Depression with Social Connection, from social scientist and author Johann Hari”.

To help ourselves and our community to use meditation as a bridge to this good life, we shall begin this club.  Details can be found here.  Join us if you can.  (Note: If you’re not in our neighborhood, you can join our Whats App group where we will encourage and support each other.  Indicate this in your RSVP and we’ll invite you to join.)

CEC Jeff Warren Mobile OM
This the very groovy logo for Jeff’s chapter in Toronto – I think we’ll come up with our own artwork after first get together!




On CorePower and Podcasting

There is a bit of a scandal going on in the press over Core Power Yoga – “The Starbucks of Yoga” which has over 200 studios; but who it has been revealed, expects its teachers to do unpaid labor (inc being the janitorial staff) and to aggressively recruit their students into the training program.

You can read all about it at this excellent recent story in the New York Times.

You can hear my reflections and more about my journey to becoming a yoga teacher (from the most excellent organization YogaFit) in our inaugural podcast posted here.

Now… why a podcast you ask?  Well, there are three podcasts I listen to regularly.  The first is my church, since I just don’t have regular attendance in my schedule but their teaching is excellent and soul filling!  (Check out recent podcast “That’s a Great Question | Can You Believe in the Bible and Science?“)

The other two, the RobCast and the 10% Happier Podcast feature terrifically interesting hosts (Rob Bell and Dan Harris) who use the podcast as a vehicle to continue their learning journey by inviting really inspirational people to come to have a deep conversation.

What’s not to like about that?  So listen to me if you like and stay tuned for upcoming guests like my friend Sandy Thorpe – Corporate Yoga goddess and Laura Maita, who held my hand as I began my journey… and many more fun, wonderful folk!

Photo by Form on Unsplash

Workplace Wellness: Google This

Why do companies care about employee wellness?

The view from my window is Silicon Valley – and the job market is hot.  If you’ve been working for companies like Google, Facebook, Intel or Intuit, you have recruiters pinging you on the daily.  And while the jobs at these tech household names are usually pretty well paid, they tend towards the stressful.  So… to answer the question above, while there is altruism around having a healthy workplace, let’s be frank and say that anything that adds to employee retention makes good sense.

Since I’ve been fortunate to work inside the above-mentioned tech household name as a yoga teacher this last decade, let me share my observations on what they do well.

Google’s Workplace Wellness Program

Full caveat – I am but a humble 1099 part of the Google wellness program, but in addition to the published benefits, I can comment on the things that are effective and inspiring parts at the ground eye level.

Yes, the food.

The free food, and the dangers of the “Google 15” are appreciated by W2 and 1099 alike.  Its really great to have fresh, creative and inspiring options.  The urge to binge does fade, but the spirit is lifted and comradery does bring people away from their desks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The initiatives.

Each month the wellness and benefits staff confer around a single mission to care for the workforce.  Sometimes it’s seasonal (beginning the new year with health-oriented initiatives, the month of daylight savings change focusing on sleep sufficiency); and other times its around life events (tax season, summer vacation months.)  Getting the caretakers of the company aligned looks very effective and feels very effective.


In addition to bringing in certified experts in wellness (like me) there is a program that encourages Googlers to build teams among themselves – leading to people challenging themselves (I’ve talked several of my yoga students into getting their certifications) and to try out leadership roles outside the normal swim lanes. (ex; leading the bike teams to train for group events.)

Who has the best wellness program in Silicon Valley?

Would it surprise you to learn I’ve decided to profile the ones that I’ve experienced (as an employee who sits at a desk and in freezing conference rooms.)  Stay tuned for more, and please leave a comment below if you have questions or comments to share!


Mobile Om Yoga

A Week In Paradise… (can we do it again next year?)

I first became a yoga teacher 12 years ago – and when I got my credentials, I also got the invitation to join Fitness Pro Travel – a marvelous group that contracts with resorts to staff their yoga needs.

I feel a bit embarrassed I waited this long to take advantage of it – but after having spent my birthday week as a teacher in Club Med Ixtapa, I’m now hooked.  Some might balk at the idea of a “working vacation” but given that teaching yoga is my calling – it made the week even more special.   (If you’d like my full week Trip Advisor review where I name names — all good — click here.)

What was especially sweet was the mix of students.  Club Med is famous for its array of events — there were water sports, beach sports and land sports – so not everyone will take yoga.  And in your classes, you will have some people with regular practices (they’re fairly obvious) but you are blessed with many folks just giving yoga a try.  To see these fit and fun people discovering the joy of yoga is magic in and of itself.

Mobile Om Yoga for runners
Candi and Melissa reignited my interest in running again! So glad they checked out the class!

I have become Facebook friends with many of them (and many of the wonderful young GO employees at the resort) and plan to do this at least annually.  Join me?


Just Sit: Book Review (and the best advice I got this year)

I have loved road bike riding ever since my handsome husband Rob took me out on a ride in the mid-90s.  Similarly, I have loved yoga since he took me to a class during that same time period.

I can’t imagine my life without either of those things.  Then… I had to. I had a pulmonary embolism in July of this year, and between the infarction that destroyed one of my lungs, and the blood thinners I had to take; I was down and out.  No biking, no yoga (at first.)

Review of Just Sit book
Yep. They make it that simple.

Luckily – a dear friend Laura (and yes, my co-founder here at MobileOm) brought by the book “Just Sit.”  Its subtitle is “A Meditation Guidebook for People Who Know they should but Don’t.”  Yeah, me. I mean, I teach yoga, I know all the science on how meditation makes you healthier and more effective.  But other than at the end of a yoga practice – those magic moments, I didn’t make time for it.

Well, I had time now!  Reading the book was the first step, and it was surprisingly easy.  The authors, Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz have a tone that is helpful, playful, but insistent.  They lay out the book in small, highly effective sections that get inside your mind, and help you make the decision that this is something you want to, and can do.

Getting into the book.

The preface is very thought provoking.  They tell the story of a gentleman in the 1960s – one of the author’s father – who went out for a run.  He was stopped by the police, as it turns out that someone going out for a run in that time frame was not really something people did.  The policeman thought it very odd. But today – no big deal, right? On any given pleasant evening, what neighborhood doesn’t have its share of health enthusiasts out running, and there are even treadmills busily enabling those without outdoor access to the benefits of running.

They posit that we are at a similar place for meditation. What was once an exotic habit will be, in the next generation, something that is acknowledged to be almost universally accepted as a healthy, mainstream way to heal and safeguard good health.  

They lead into the introduction, giving their own journey’s to the mat, and then follow with a timeline of meditation; starting from the days of 400 BC writing of the Yoga Sutra’s in India, through yoga and meditations journey to the US (yes, including the Beatles.)  with meditation ending up on the cover of Time Magazine.

The heart of the book.

What I enjoyed so much about the book is they acknowledge that meditating is both incredibly simple and incredibly hard to do (at least at first.)

They get right to demystifying the how to do it.  Its right on page 4 where they break down how to “just sit” telling you both where to put your body, and where to put your attention.

You might think ok… is this a 4 page book?  Nope.

The rest of the book deals with why meditation is hard to do; and why people like me who know they should but still don’t.

Meet The Trickster; they introduce a concept of the part of the mind that wants to stay incognito.  Other schools of yoga might call this the Ego, but they’ve given it a little character (note: the illustrations in this book are quite adorable and engaging)  The trickster is the one feeding unhelpful thoughts into your daily monologue. For people who don’t meditate, this trickster is the source of a lot of pain and stress.  

In addition to the tricks the trickster plays to keep us squirrely, they also give very thoughtful answers to many of the conscious objections people may have to meditation. (Is it against my religion / do I have to be religious to do it?  How do I pick the right kind of meditation? How will I know if I’m getting any benefit.)

Finally, they end this “objection” section by giving us new friends.   Just as they personified the ego as the trickster, they give us allies; such as “the brain trainer” “The DNA Repairman” “The Anxiety Killer” – letting you pick from the native internal cheerleaders you may have waiting to step in and help you.  

Each chapter ends with a charming “note from the cushion” from our authors.

The rest of the book goes deeply but charmingly into the health benefits of the practice, and many practical tips about how to make it a habit.  They have an 8 week guided tour of many different kinds of mediation that will let you figure out what will work for you; suffice it to say Week 1 – follow the breath gets you started down the right path, and each week adds additional grace and flavor.  I especially like the “spark” section where they list common things you already do (walk the dog/take a shower) that can be the starting point for your daily meditation.

So I Sit.

The book was a gift from a friend, but my daily sitting is a gift I’m finally able to give myself. Do I feel the difference in the 3 months I’ve been doing it (on top of the wonderful yoga and cycling with are now back in my life?)  Yep – I do.

Whateever I was doing in those 20 minutes, I don’t recall and do not miss.   It’s nice to be able to something that I knew I should do and now I want to.

yoga and meditation for the workplace training

Training Days – Yoga and Meditation

As our focus gets drawn to all things Urgent – it’s easy to lose connection with the things that are Important.  As important and the regular practice is for yoga and meditation, for those that provide those services, regular training is also very important.

When I was drawn to teach yoga – I went to my favorite teacher and asked about her path, which is how I selected the body that I have my RYT (registered yoga teacher) certification from.  This group – YogaFit had a philosophy that appeals to me (anyone can do yoga – but do it safely and mindfully) and I’ve greatly enjoyed my training with them over the last decade.

yoga and meditation for the workplace training
Nothing beats face to face training.

Mysore Ashtanga at BreatheTogether Studio.

As we came up with the idea to launch MobileOm, I felt called to train some more.  My local, wonderful studio was offering an immersion in the style of Mysore Ashtanga.  I’ve long been intimidated by this style, as I thought you needed to be somewhat superhuman to do many of the poses.  However – the timing was right – the teacher seemed lovely – and I trusted that BreatheTogether would keep me safe.

I’m so very glad I did it, as I’ve learned the philosophy behind it, gained confidence that I can offer up the poses safely (if not teach the full series… some poses are crazy challenging) and have learned that I can still push past barriers that I had thought were permanent.

ZivaMeditation and Amma

Similarly, I spoke to two friends who have shared with me the benefits of their meditation practice.  Both share a similar background as I do, and were able to talk about the challenges and rewards of their paths.  With that in mind, I signed up to learn the Ziva method.

I’m still finishing the training program but can already feel the differences in my mind and spirit.  Like TM, this is a mantra based style of meditation.  What I like is how the founder, Emily Fletcher, has laid out 3 different parts of the process – Mindfullness, Meditation and Manifestation – and shares the part of the brain where these different activities conduct their activities.

Mindfulness helps deal with stress in the present moment. In it, you are directing your focus which lights up a small part of the brain (the Prefrontal cortex.) Over time this can improve your clarity and focus.  Meditation gives the body deep, healing rest to get rid of stress from the past. The technique is one of surrender which lights up the whole brain, but not as brightly as mindfulness. Over time, meditation strengthens the corpus callosum. Manifesting helps you create your goals for the future. This practice helps you clarify your goals and activates the creative center of the brain, also known as the right brain.

I also was recommended to explore the meditation practices taught by Amma, aka the hugging saint.  My friend has gone to many of her retreats, and in fact traveled with her this summer in her bus, visiting many cities, hugging multitudes and mediating in large groups.  I will be going to learn the IAM techniques when next they are offered in this area.

Looking forward to sharing these wonderful fun new things with you dear reader – let us know if we can come by your workplace or organization for Yoga, Meditation or Wellness Coaching (blog post on that training to come!)






Apps Anyone? We review a few for you.

It’s no secret to anyone that taking a little time to wind down from the chaos of our daily lives is good for you. Meditation and mindfulness training is a perfect way to take a quick break from the hustle bustle. There’s a wealth of research promoting the positive benefits to our overall health both physically and mentally from a regular meditation practice.

meditating at work app review
Put the time on your calendar, put on your headphones and bring on the calm.

“Mindfulness is a form of meditation or mental training that helps us to live in a state of awareness of our life experiences without judgment. The practice of mindfulness has a diverse set of benefits such as stress reduction, improved memory, heightened concentration and even improved physical health.” -MalaForest, Jul, 2016

But how do I get started? Do I need special equipment, clothing, etc.? Will I be chanting while attempting to bind my legs into an impossible pretzel formation? In a word, no. The good news is you can meditate anywhere, anytime. But it does require some practice and dedication.

Meditation apps are a great way to get started with a daily meditation practice. They are generally easy to use, fun and many are free. Some have music, nature sounds along with silent guided and unguided meditation. I would suggest downloading a at least 3. You may need to before you find one that feels right and doesn’t give up if you don’t enjoy the first one you try. There are many different options and I guarantee you will find one that works for you.

Here are a few of our favorites.

1. The Ten Percent Happier app
Simply put, the first app I recommend when someone says “I just can’t meditate.”    The backstory (started by a broadcast journalist Dan Harris, who discovered meditation after an on air panic attack) helps people feel less inadequate about their spiritual qualifications; and the design of the app (short teaching / plus meditation sessions of adjustable length) feeds both the mind and the spirit.  The free version has great content; but if you subscribe, there are really amazing, topical courses available.   (And the weekly podcasts, and founder Dan Harris’s books are also on my ‘recommend’ list!  (Update:  Nov 2020 – the “Election Sanity” special sessions were lifesavers!) 


2. Oak
I love the daily quotes I receive from Oak. You can set notifications for any time of day. The sessions are divided into 3 categories: meditate, breathe, sleep. What I love about this app is each session has a very brief explanation of what you will be doing. That way I get some insight into what I’m diving into and if that fits my needs. They also have a log to track your progress and prompt you when you need it.

3. Calm
Probably one of the most well known meditation apps and for good reason. As soon as you open the app, it prompts you to take a breathe. Right at the start, your feeling relaxed. You can choose your favorite sounds, pics and length of meditation. The pis are gorgeous and the sounds are so relaxing. I use this app quite often for bedtime relaxation.

4. Headspace

And then there’s Headspace. Founder Andy Puddicombe, is an honest to god Buddhist monk with 10 years of Tibetan monastic training across Asia and a soothing Bristol accent. He connected with 27-year-old Londoner Richard Pierson – a brilliant marketer (think Axe deodorant) who felt so much anxiety he struggled to go out in public. The duo’s creation has become a huge hit, bringing in millions of subscribers and highlighting the meditating journey in a very easy to follow way.

All of these apps are perfect for beginners as well as seasoned meditators. Start your meditation practice today, right now! Download your meditation apps and don’t forget to take your earphones with you to take advantage of your new apps anytime of day. A moment of peace and relaxation is just a click away.

Wishing you happiness and peace.