Zoom Yoga
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Well I did not see that coming!*

So at the beginning of the year I do like to reflect on where I was the previous year; and while I stand by everything I shared in the previous post… who would have thought I would be unable to post again?

OK. 2020 was unique. What worked and what didn’t?

So I did not teach in-person yoga, cycling or meditation last year. But I did a lot of it. (You can read my musings on teaching Zoom Yoga here, if you want. And for that matter take any number of my classes here on the FB page.)

And… perhaps most important to me, the “real world” group of yoga ladies (a few gents did drop in from time to time) stayed with it faithfully, over the 3x week zoom gatherings.

And the real world bike groups; both mountain and road, stuck with it, though we had to keep it in the county most of the year. (Excellent planning on our part to live in such a lovely, bikeable locale!). And while more on meditation below, let me just give a shout out the the amazing folk at Menlo Church who cared for all of us, whether you’re preferred medium was YouTube, Facebook or Podcast. (The FB had virtual porches, where the coffee/donuts were BYOC/D but the convo was real-time and hit the spot.

2020s big winner: Peleton (biking and yoga!)

So I’d just gotten started last year, using the bike in my friends guest house. I’d tried other cycling hacks like Zwick and YouTube classes, but honestly; the quality of teaching on the P-app cannot be beat. And while I truly enjoy and admire all the teachers, it was a big win for me when I discovered my favorite spin teacher also taught yoga (a magic combo for me.).

So even through several quarentines and recovery from surgery, I was able to “just keep spinning” – thank you Dory! and then, surprisingly…

2020’s big winner: Peleton (meditation!)

As a relative novice to meditation, I’d only gotten started during a recovery from first pulmenary embolism followed closely be a concussion/ear surgery. Yes, I had to be smacked pretty hard by the universe to learn to sit still. And I learned SO much from the 10% happier books and app. But as with the cycling/yoga, the meditation teachers on Peleton are also first rate! And being in combination with the other fitness enhancing activities really kep the meditation as a part of my overall program.

That being said; I am doing the fab New Year Challenge at 10% Happier; cause I have a lot of friends on the app, and friends don’t let friends meditate alone if they ask you to join them.

So… what does 2021 hold for this Mobile Om-er?

  1. Carry on with the Zoom Studio
  2. Get Started with the Outdoor Classes
  3. Always Be Helping

The last one has led to teaching some “zooming in” yoga classes at startups and F50s – let me know if your team needs one!