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2020 24 Hours Ago – What I Decided to Work on this Year

Alright friends, I dare you to read the title of this blog post out loud and then be able to get that song out of your head!   Kidding aside, in truth it was 24 hours ago a whole lot of ideas around 2020 started to crystallize. I humbly share below… and if you find any of them useful you can follow the links to get more information.

Work/Life technique

The first thing that has been really inspiring and useful that I am going to put into practice is the principle of “The ONE thing”  from a book by Gary Keller it lays out a really simple way to be more effective about the things that matter to you. While I truly recommend reading the whole book, Mr. Keller has very graciously made available a free worksheet that will allow you to both get the core principles and apply them to yourself.  He makes things SO simple. My quick summary: Your brainstorm things that make you happy doing – you brainstorm ideal outcomes and you use his time-bound “domino” process that builds an efficient, graceful journey.

It is with this tool that I will hopefully start on my journey towards becoming a yoga therapist. Although in the meantime I will continue my corporate wellness (and digital marketing careers, since I do have two kids in college!)


Another outstanding (and simple) resource is my beloved 10% happier. I have tried all the mediation apps, and given the voice of founder/skeptic/journalist Dan Harris, leading teachers, and excellent app design, it is the next best thing to having a personal yoga teacher (and in many ways, it is more convenient). 

My meditation habit came about because of physical injuries that made me couchbound for 6 weeks, and the timely support of three friends and their personal teachers/processes, so again I’m grateful.  And among other benefits of the practice; I’ve finally been able to leave behind antidepressants which I truly needed 14 years ago but do *not* now.  


I am truly enthralled by the Peloton app. My dear friend has the bicycle that has been so roundly mocked by those offended by the commercial. But the app that goes with the bike is a revelation. In addition to the classes that you can do while on that same side bike, there are classes that can help you start your running practice your yoga practice meditation, and more… 

In addition to tracking within the app, there is a feature that lets you save and share your progress into Strava, which had been my already in place accountability tool to keep active.


I was intellectually inspired and convinced by the premise put forward in the How Not to Die book and accompanying cookbook. Reading the book was a bit of a challenge because it goes through the science of the 12 things that are killing us. Between cancer,  Alzheimer’s heart disease diabetes and more, it can be very depressing!

But each chapter on how to die has ending part which gives you very straightforward nutrition-based ways to avoid or recover from those same conditions. And, given that the recipes plant-based of course they lay out in the cookbook are fairly simple and surprisingly tasty, I will be going on that. So as my friend Mike and Stacy say if the meat is worth eating I am not going to say no. The other thing that dr. Geiger has available which I am enamored with is his daily dozen app. Dr. Geiger doesn’t say that you shouldn’t eat certain foods per se, but he believes that if you can achieve your daily dozen, you probably won’t be that hungry for meat or sweets.

To keep me accountable, I have to recommend his ‘daily dozen’ app where you very easily track the things that will keep you from dying!

Aging Gracefully

Last but not least I recently read and amazingly well-researched and laid out a book called  Lifespan by David Sinclair.    (And yes, he does look a lot like a young, cheerful Christian Slater 😉

Check out his brief talk here if you’d like the background, but long story short, he and his team at the Harvard medical labs have found a few compounds which in their tests show that you can restore the energy strength and sharpness of your younger self.

These particular compounds are not in any way inexpensive, but as part of a reset, I figured why not?

 In Conclusion

Now the above might seem like a lot to do but my overall philosophy is to find the few things, keep it simple get it into a habit using your scheduling and or friend Social Network Tools and give it a try. 

Check back in 3 months and I’ll give you an update on how it’s going, and drop me a note in the comments below if you’d like to let me know how you’re doing.