CEC Jeff Warren Mobile OM

Kicking off The Cambrian CEC

So via my beloved 10% Happier app/podcast I became acquainted with Meditation Leader Jeff Warren (BTW, he is also co-author of the fabulous Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics – the follow-on/companion piece to the initial/fab/big best-seller 10% Happier book.  (Note to self… write those darn book reviews!)

Although, this reviewer pretty summed it up. Although I need to add that this book is side-splittingly funny; beware drinking beverages while reading!

You can learn all about Jeff at his website, but for the sake of this post, I wanted to announce that we will be using his guide to start our own CEC (Consciousness Explorers Club).  This guide is called an “activation kit” and it walks you through how to start your own club.

Why?  Two reasons.

First, in the 6 months, I’ve been meditating (thank you again, Laura, Alison, and Melissa… and of course Dan!)  I feel like myself again.  So, in order to keep my practice going, and deepening,  I have decided that MobileOm should start a club.

Secondly, community is the key to the good life.   (Any parents out there remember that key phrase from the end of that classic movie “Over the Hedge”?)  Or, if you’re a 10% Happier fan like me, you’ll know this fact is well described in this amazing podcast “Fighting Depression with Social Connection, from social scientist and author Johann Hari”.

To help ourselves and our community to use meditation as a bridge to this good life, we shall begin this club.  Details can be found here.  Join us if you can.  (Note: If you’re not in our neighborhood, you can join our Whats App group where we will encourage and support each other.  Indicate this in your RSVP and we’ll invite you to join.)

CEC Jeff Warren Mobile OM
This the very groovy logo for Jeff’s chapter in Toronto – I think we’ll come up with our own artwork after first get together!