On CorePower and Podcasting

There is a bit of a scandal going on in the press over Core Power Yoga – “The Starbucks of Yoga” which has over 200 studios; but who it has been revealed, expects its teachers to do unpaid labor (inc being the janitorial staff) and to aggressively recruit their students into the training program.

You can read all about it at this excellent recent story in the New York Times.

You can hear my reflections and more about my journey to becoming a yoga teacher (from the most excellent organization YogaFit) in our inaugural podcast posted here.

Now… why a podcast you ask?  Well, there are three podcasts I listen to regularly.  The first is my church, since I just don’t have regular attendance in my schedule but their teaching is excellent and soul filling!  (Check out recent podcast “That’s a Great Question | Can You Believe in the Bible and Science?“)

The other two, the RobCast and the 10% Happier Podcast feature terrifically interesting hosts (Rob Bell and Dan Harris) who use the podcast as a vehicle to continue their learning journey by inviting really inspirational people to come to have a deep conversation.

What’s not to like about that?  So listen to me if you like and stay tuned for upcoming guests like my friend Sandy Thorpe – Corporate Yoga goddess and Laura Maita, who held my hand as I began my journey… and many more fun, wonderful folk!