Mobile Om Yoga

A Week In Paradise… (can we do it again next year?)

I first became a yoga teacher 12 years ago – and when I got my credentials, I also got the invitation to join Fitness Pro Travel – a marvelous group that contracts with resorts to staff their yoga needs.

I feel a bit embarrassed I waited this long to take advantage of it – but after having spent my birthday week as a teacher in Club Med Ixtapa, I’m now hooked.  Some might balk at the idea of a “working vacation” but given that teaching yoga is my calling – it made the week even more special.   (If you’d like my full week Trip Advisor review where I name names — all good — click here.)

What was especially sweet was the mix of students.  Club Med is famous for its array of events — there were water sports, beach sports and land sports – so not everyone will take yoga.  And in your classes, you will have some people with regular practices (they’re fairly obvious) but you are blessed with many folks just giving yoga a try.  To see these fit and fun people discovering the joy of yoga is magic in and of itself.

Mobile Om Yoga for runners
Candi and Melissa reignited my interest in running again! So glad they checked out the class!

I have become Facebook friends with many of them (and many of the wonderful young GO employees at the resort) and plan to do this at least annually.  Join me?