yoga and meditation for the workplace training

Training Days – Yoga and Meditation

As our focus gets drawn to all things Urgent – it’s easy to lose connection with the things that are Important.  As important and the regular practice is for yoga and meditation, for those that provide those services, regular training is also very important.

When I was drawn to teach yoga – I went to my favorite teacher and asked about her path, which is how I selected the body that I have my RYT (registered yoga teacher) certification from.  This group – YogaFit had a philosophy that appeals to me (anyone can do yoga – but do it safely and mindfully) and I’ve greatly enjoyed my training with them over the last decade.

yoga and meditation for the workplace training
Nothing beats face to face training.

Mysore Ashtanga at BreatheTogether Studio.

As we came up with the idea to launch MobileOm, I felt called to train some more.  My local, wonderful studio was offering an immersion in the style of Mysore Ashtanga.  I’ve long been intimidated by this style, as I thought you needed to be somewhat superhuman to do many of the poses.  However – the timing was right – the teacher seemed lovely – and I trusted that BreatheTogether would keep me safe.

I’m so very glad I did it, as I’ve learned the philosophy behind it, gained confidence that I can offer up the poses safely (if not teach the full series… some poses are crazy challenging) and have learned that I can still push past barriers that I had thought were permanent.

ZivaMeditation and Amma

Similarly, I spoke to two friends who have shared with me the benefits of their meditation practice.  Both share a similar background as I do, and were able to talk about the challenges and rewards of their paths.  With that in mind, I signed up to learn the Ziva method.

I’m still finishing the training program but can already feel the differences in my mind and spirit.  Like TM, this is a mantra based style of meditation.  What I like is how the founder, Emily Fletcher, has laid out 3 different parts of the process – Mindfullness, Meditation and Manifestation – and shares the part of the brain where these different activities conduct their activities.

Mindfulness helps deal with stress in the present moment. In it, you are directing your focus which lights up a small part of the brain (the Prefrontal cortex.) Over time this can improve your clarity and focus.  Meditation gives the body deep, healing rest to get rid of stress from the past. The technique is one of surrender which lights up the whole brain, but not as brightly as mindfulness. Over time, meditation strengthens the corpus callosum. Manifesting helps you create your goals for the future. This practice helps you clarify your goals and activates the creative center of the brain, also known as the right brain.

I also was recommended to explore the meditation practices taught by Amma, aka the hugging saint.  My friend has gone to many of her retreats, and in fact traveled with her this summer in her bus, visiting many cities, hugging multitudes and mediating in large groups.  I will be going to learn the IAM techniques when next they are offered in this area.

Looking forward to sharing these wonderful fun new things with you dear reader – let us know if we can come by your workplace or organization for Yoga, Meditation or Wellness Coaching (blog post on that training to come!)